Viaggio in Umbria – Spoleto

Trip in Umbria – Spoleto

On Christmas day, we got a few new travel books, and one of them listed Spoleto as  one of the top 10 romantic cities to visit in Italy. So, onto our list it went.

The hill of Spoleto, from below

Spoleto is a very hilly town, we parked at the bottom, and worked our way up to the top.

Main Cathedral in Spoleto

Eventually we worked our way around to the castle in Spoleto, from which we could see the amazing Bridge of Towers (Ponte delle Torri).

At 82 meters, the Ponte delle Torri is the highest ancient masonry bridge in Europe. It spans a mountain valley, and is 230 meters long. Supposedly it used to be an aqueduct. And it was beautiful.

We took a lot of pictures.

The bridge was gorgeous with the sun behind it.

Looking down along the bridge.

We walked across the bridge (Ryan stayed away from the edge) and got a gorgeous view of the bridge in front of Spoleto.

The bridge, with Spoleto in the background.

After hiking up the hill across from Spoleto for a while, we went back into town, where we had the most amazing dinner. Possibly the best dinner I’ve had in Italy so far. (Although it’s possible that I was swayed because there was so much truffle involved. I <3 truffles.)  If you’re ever in Spoleto, check out Ristorante Apollinare . We had an amuse bouche drizzled with white truffle, a baked cheese pastry appetizer, pasta with freshly grated truffle (the truffle was the size of my fist, and had been found by the waiter’s dog), lasagna with gorgonzola, and tagliata di manzo (beef) with fresh grated truffle. It. was. amazing.

Leaving Spoleto Behind


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