I Topi

The Mice

Quando i gatti sono in città, i topi ballano.

“When the cats are in the city, the mice dance.”

On my first day back in Italian class after Ryan left for the states, we started class with the usual ‘How was your weekend?’ discussion. And I said I had a great weekend. My teacher said, in an accusatory tone, “But Kate! Ryan isn’t here. What did you do?”

I went out to dinner with a group of friends, I went to a happy hour, I watched lots of girly movies, and I went shopping!

I’ve done almost no shopping in Rome – everything is too expensive, and the clothes don’t fit me anyway. But the first weekend that Ryan was gone, a friend introduced me to the outlet mall … and I fell in love.  I bought two pairs of boots for 30 Euro each, and an amazing pair of shoes for under 30 Euro.

It’s just as well that I fell in love with an outlet mall – when I met up with Ryan in the states he told me he almost fell in love with the very first american waitress he had in the US. He said the endless refills were almost more than he could resist.  I guess I’ll have to stock up on soda for when Ryan gets back. ;-)


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