Però, C’è il Sole

But, there is the sun

It has been raining for months here in Rome. Every day. Not all day … but every day. It’s pretty annoying after a while. And the weather report is totally unreliable. Even when it says it’s not going to rain, it rains. And when it says it’ll only rain for a little while, it might rain all day. And you never know when it’s going to rain, so you can leave the house in the sunlight, and arrive at work 40 minutes later completely soaked to the skin. (I had a guy try to sell me an umbrella when I was completely soaked, and only a block away from work.)

So, with this background, you are now ready for my story.

After two weeks in the US, I returned to Rome. The day after I got back, I decided to take the motorino to work. The weather report said that there was a 5% chance of rain before 10am, and a 0% chance for the rest of the day. I was getting ready to leave at 930 and the sun was shining, so I figured I was in good shape.

I went down to the motorino, and because we’ve had problems with the back tire before, I decided to check the air in it. It was at 5psi … it was supposed to be at 35. Hooray! A flat tire! Oh well, at least I know where to go to get air in the tire.

I  got all my gear ready, and got on the motorino. But it wouldn’t start. The portiere saw me struggling and said “It’s not going to start.” What do I do now? “Take your car.” he says. Right … but what do I do tomorrow? or the next day? How do  I ever start this thing again? “I’m sorry, I can’t help, I don’t have the cables” He says. I have cables!! (I’m not sure he was as excited as I was.)

Four screws and two panels later, we make it down to the battery, hook it up, and the motorino starts. Four screws and two panels later, I’m ready to go to get air in the tire.

And on the way there, the windshield of the motorino keeps threatening to fall off. I tightened it with my hands every time I stopped at a light or an intersection. Awesome.

I pull up to the gas station and put the motorino on its kick stand. I can’t turn it off, because it might not start again. So I have to work around the engine without burning myself, avoid the exhaust. And get air in the tire.

With all of that taken care of, I get back on the motorino and work on tightening the windshield. The gas station guys are staring at me. Lucky for me they come to my rescue – with an actual tool! While I’m waiting for the guy to tighten the windshield I tell him about my morning. A typical Italian response, he says

Però, C’è il Sole – But, There is Sun

As I drove away to work, finally able to go at normal speed – the skirt I was wearing flew up to my waist.

*sigh* At least it was sunny.

Afterward: It started raining at noon. The guys I work with left for lunch in the sun, and game back soaked through.



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6 responses to “Però, C’è il Sole

  1. Christine

    Christine likes this. (there is no button for that?!?)

  2. Pat

    Ryan made the comment this past weekend that he hoped it would be spring finally in Rome because he was tired of the rain. We had three days of beautiful sunny, warm weather while we were in VA and enjoyed it immensely. Winter in MO has been cold with lots of snow and rain this year!

    • Glad you guys had nice weather in VA. It was rainy when I was there. :)

      It has been much better here lately. I’m afraid to say anything else, lest the weather gods change their mind.

  3. Katharine

    You are my hero! What a disaster to manage all on your own. Way to go!

    • Aww, you’re so sweet. You made me smile this morning.

      I have since gotten the battery replaced on the motorino – but I ran out of energy when it came to replacing the rear tire. Ryan’s back this morning (I haven’t seen him yet, but I’m super excited) so we can tackle getting a new tire together. I’m exhausted. :-p

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