Tutto Bene

All is Well

One of my favorite phrases that I learned from my Italian teacher before I left home was:

Tutto bene, niente a posto.

Which basically means, “All is well, nothing is as it should be.” Which is exactly how I felt every single day before we left.

So, obviously, I was ridiculously excited when I heard an Italian use a similar phrase:

Tutto a posto, niente in ordine.

Which, I think, is basically: “Everything is in place, nothing is in order.”

There is something so great about the poetic way of saying these things. And the way that Italians make it seem like it’s totally normal that things would be in such disarray.


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One response to “Tutto Bene

  1. dave, dad

    Hey Americans have similar poetry:
    the American phrase represented by the acronym SNAFU

    — Always thought that was sort of poetic ;-)

    and accurate when I call software support and get connected to Mumbai !!!!

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