Abbiamo Mangiati Frattali per la Cena

We ate Fractals for Dinner

I wrote this down in my little black notebook a while ago, but I figure right about now you might like a break from travel posts …

We saw it in our grocery store…

Is this broccoli?

…  and both of us were amazed.  We kept staring, doesn’t it look like…  a…  “fractal”?  Yeah, it does.  It’s pretty crazy.

I’d sort of been meaning to buy one to try making it at home, but apparently I wasn’t really that motivated since I didn’t do it.  But just recently we ordered Broccoli at a restaurant (it came out 20 minutes after the meat did, but whatever) and we got cooked fractals.

It tasted like cauliflower.



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5 responses to “Abbiamo Mangiati Frattali per la Cena

  1. Elaine

    It’s beautiful.

  2. Amber

    What’s a fractal? Was I in the wrong classes in college to learn this? Or did I forget. Isn’t that “brociflower”?

  3. Also, I found a bigger picture of the broccoflower .. click above … it’s AWESOME.

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