Viaggia a Polonia – Krakow

Trip to Poland – Krakow

We took a trip to Poland for a long weekend recently – and apparently I took 230 pictures. I guess Poland was nice.

Kraków is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with evidence showing settlements there since 20,000 BC. We flew directly into Krakow from Rome (Ryzm in Polish) and I was absolutely giddy at the sight of snow on the ground when we arrived. (Plus it was amusing to see the contrast between dark Poland and the Italian guys in puffy purple jackets with lilac hats getting off our plane.)

Church of St. Mary in the Town Center

The first thing we did in Krakow was just wander around through the streets and check out the town. There were cute little Christmas stalls that were still out that we had a good time looking through.

Christmas Stalls

Souvenir stalls in a cool old building

Wandering in the City

Chruch of St. Peter & St. Paul - with the Apostles on the Left

Eventually we wandered our way down to the main sight in Krakow: Wawel Castle, ancient seat of the Polish kings.

Wawel Castle From Below

Pope John Paul II - First Polish Pope, went to school in Warsaw (Statue at Wawel Castle)

More Wawel from Below

Legend has it that the castle was built on the cave of a dragon whom the mythical King Krak had slain.

Dragon by his Cave

The Dragon scared us half to death when it breathed fire – we had no idea that the nice bronze sculpture was trying to kill us!

Bundled up in the Cold!


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