La Mattina di Natale

Christmas Morning

Self-Portrait before the Presents

Christmas morning we got up and opened some presents. We had a good time taking pictures, which I had been promising my family that I would post . . . so here are some silly Christmas Morning pictures.

An Old School Compass

An Old School Compass

I had told my parents that I could really use an old-school compass to help me navigate around Rome … so my mom got me an old, school-compass. Now I can draw perfect circles!


Dad got a different idea in his head, and he gave us two compasses – the kind that know where north is. :) (I don’t know what’s going on in this picture … but I’m sure Ryan’s making fun of my ability to navigate.)

Ryan and a Guitar!

Getting ready for our next trip!

I know it looks like we’re posing in that picture … except we really did both start reading about stuff in our new books. Pretty sure it was this morning that Ryan picked out Spoleto (look for it in a blog post that’s coming up!)

Ryan's lock picking set

I can’t imagine why my Dad thought a lock-picking set would be a good gift for Ryan … oh wait, yes, yes I can.

Ready for winter in Rome ... on the Motorino!

Some new friends who had already been kind enough to include us in their family by inviting us over to Christmas Eve dinner (and serenaded us with Christmas Carols as we left) surprised us with a final, surprise Christmas treat on Christmas morning. They came by with all the ingredients for Christmas morning monkey bread! It was a complete kit with a ziploc bag with instructions written on it. We baked it, Ryan made coffee, and it was a fantastic Christmas breakfast. It’s really kind of amazing to see how people overseas reach out to each other in the absence of family.

Christmas Monkey Bread



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6 responses to “La Mattina di Natale

  1. Celeste

    Is this Christmas as in December?

    • Yeah, I’m way way behind. I’ve caught up though. I now have blog posts staged for every day between now & April first. And there’s only one more Christmas post … and then we move on to January!

  2. Pat

    Did Ryan say that monkey bread was a Sunday morning staple around our house when we lived in Mendon, MO? Was this monkey bread made like ours, Ryan?

    • Elaine

      So, Kate, have you used your 3 compasses?

      Ryan, I loved seeing your monkey bread. Yum.

      • I haven’t yet had a dire need to draw circles – so that compass is still waiting for its moment to shine.

        The rugged one has been clipped to my purse and to the motorino key chain for various outings. And now that Ryan’s gone, I’m finding lots of opportunities for a compass. Not surprisingly I learn better when I don’t have Ryan to lean on. :-p

    • Ryan is why we had the Monkey Bread. He told me a long time ago about they way you guys used to make monkey bread on the weekend. In the absence of our families, I was hoping to incorporate some of our family traditions for our first Christmas together. I thought monkey bread would be a good one – but I couldn’t find the biscuits we needed (not an Italian staple – unsurprisingly). We were talking about this at Christmas Eve dinner, and our friends had an extra can of biscuits that they had purchased from the commissary in Naples – so they put together some Monkey Bread for us. It was really nice.

      Ryan has taught me how to make your monkey bread – we’ve done it a couple of times before. This was pretty similar, except that we made a sauce of butter & sugar & cinnamon that we poured over everything at the end. :)

      mmm… monkey bread. What was I thinking responding to this right before lunch?

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