Natale a Casa Nostra

Christmas at Our House

Merry Christmas Tree!

We had an epic search for a Christmas tree. We battled the crowds to go to Ikea, which used to have trees for 12 euros – but didn’t anymore by the time we got there. Then we went to the ‘Home Depot’ of Italy – where they said they had trees, but all we found was one that was a foot tall. Which we bought, because I wanted to be sure to have at least a tree … even if it had to be a small one. In the end … we bought a tree at the florist that was right by our house … the tree was about 50 Euro, plus a tip for the guys who drove it to our house and brought it upstairs. (since there was no way it was fitting into our car.) And it came in a pot … with dirt. (Now, 3 months later, it’s on our small balcony, where the wind knocks it over every day and I don’t care enough to pick it up.)

Being Silly in Ryan's Hats (Note that Ryan is the elf ... I'm in charge)

Stockings Hung by the Computer with Care ...

Wishes for Christmas, by Ryan

Wishes for Christmas, by Ryan

My mom gave me this plate one year for Christmas – this year Ryan filled it out. I think the American Washer/Dryer is because I keep complaining about our tiny Italian ones, which take 3.5 hours together, and the clothes come out pilly and still wet. I think the Numchuck skills are for him. The Vacuum bags are because the ancient vacuum cleaner that the embassy gave us doesn’t actually have any vacuum bags for it that are still available on the market. And the Happiness … that’s for both of us. :)


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  1. Elaine

    I laughed out loud a few times on this one.

    I googled “numchuck”. Thanks for continuing to educate me.

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