Oxford da Parte

Oxford on the Side

We took a side trip to Oxford when we were in England for work. We really only spent the evening there. But I had heard it was a cute little city to see, so we went there right from the aiport, figuring we could wander around a little bit and then find a little pub for dinner.

A Castle ... on the street.

In fact, it turns out that Oxford is really cute. Lots of classic english-looking buildings and cute streets. And the lampposts! Check those out! (I have a thing for European lampposts. They’re so fun and decorative.

Cute Streets

We wandered through the shopping area, which was modern shops in old-style buildings. It was cute b/c it was all decorated for Christmas with lights and such.

Christmas Market

There was a small Christmas market set up in Oxford too – so we wandered through to check that out. There wasn’t much in it – just some crafty stuff – but the highlight was the mulled wine. It was warm, which felt pretty good in the cold, rainy weather (it is England after all), and it tasted delicious. Basically like warm sangria. mmmm delicious. :)
Then it was on towards our classic English dinner – in the back corner of a pub, we had a few pints, and … you know, some british food. :)

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One response to “Oxford da Parte

  1. dave, dad

    after a few pints the hearty pub food can seem pretty good.

    being really hungry helps too.

    Seems like a very quaint little town.

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