Luxor, Egitto – Secondo Giorno

Luxor, Egypt – Second Day

Day 2 began with a carriage ride to the Mummification Museum.

Boys' Carriage

The Museum itself was relatively small – and not exactly earth shattering given the other things we had already seen. But it was interesting to learn a little more about the process, and see some more of the tools and accoutrements.

Mummification Museum

The major tourist site for day two in Luxor was the Karnak Temple – apparently I took a million pictures.

Entrance to Karnak Temple

As usual, the scale of this place was unbelievable. Apparently it was built over time, with each pharaoh adding their personal touches.

Ryan in the Ruins

The Collonnade was probably my favorite part of the temple. There were several rows of columns, all covered in hieroglyphics, telling different stories. They used to be painted all over with bright colors – and on some of them enough color remained to allow you to imagine what they must have looked like previously.



At the base of a Column

Showing Scale Again

Pharaohs and Columns

Leading up to the temple is a classic, in my opinion, row of Sphynxes.

Sphynx Row

All in all, an amazing trip full of history, and hugeness. :)



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2 responses to “Luxor, Egitto – Secondo Giorno

  1. dave, dad

    never would have guessed a carriage ride would be part of the trip – camel ride yes.

    Love the photos – the scale of the temple columns is amazing – so much to take in

    Thanks for sharing

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