Luxor, Egitto – Primo Giorno

Luxor, Egypt – First Day

Luxor is a better looking city than Cairo. A little bit more tourist clean, a little bit more walkable. And there was a lot to see.

We got to see handmade alabaster vases (of which we bought a few that look amazing with candles inside them).

Hand Made Alabaster Pots

The first main attraction that we saw in Luxor was the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut:

Hatshepsut's Temple

Queen Hatshepsut bucked tradition when she did not bear a son to be heir to the throne, and instead of stepping aside for one of the pharaoh’s other wives who had borne a son … she assumed the throne herself – as a female pharaoh.

Being Silly with the Mummy

The sheer scale of it was amazing. It was literally carved right into the mountain.

View from a Distance

We took a quick stop on the way to our next destination, to see the Memnon Colossi:

Memnon Colossi

Felucca Boat at Sunset on the Nile

Sunset on the Nile

Sunset on the Nile

In the evening, we decided to take a walk through town. The kids stopped to get some fresh squeezed juice – to go – in a plastic bag twisted around a straw. We also stopped in a little store and picked out a selection of Egyptian pastries.

Egyptian Pastries in the Park

The park we stopped to eat in was right in front of the major item for day 2’s itinerary, the Karnak Temple.

Preview of Tomorrow - Luxor at Night

Side View - for Scale

At the end of the evening, Ryan and I went out for a great Egyptian dinner, complete with amazing fruit juice mixes (apparently banning the consumption of alcohol encourages creativity with the remaining options).

Dinner - and Fruit Juice


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  1. dave, dad

    I had no idea there had ever been a female pharaoh but I have no problem understanding your interest!!!

    The temple carved out of the mountain is amazing, especially considering it was all carved by hand — thanks for sharing this neat adventure.

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