La Città Medievale di Ferrara

The medieval city of Ferrara

Friday night in Venice is significantly more expensive than Thursday night, so on Friday afternoon we hit the road … with no particular place to go. Ryan started driving, and I poked around in our guidebook looking for a city that was more or less on our way home that might be fun to visit for a day. Ferrara fit the bill. I picked a hotel from the book, called on our way, and we were good to go. The place we ended up staying was really nice, it was a B&B, the son set us up with our room, gave us a map and pointed out all of the sights to see, as well as recommending restaurants. We met his parents the next morning at breakfast when they served us a beautiful meal in their adorable living room. They were very sweet.

Self portrait atop the Castle

Ferrara is a medieval city that is particularly known for its Via delle Volte (Street of the Arches) which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Via delle Volte

When we arrived, it was already dark out – which just made everything that much more mysteriously beautiful. We wandered around and saw most of the major sites from the outside. It was quite enchanting.

Main Square - with Dramatic Lighting

Freaky Statue that was staring at us while we took pictures of the square.

Then we stopped for an aperitivo and then headed to dinner.

The next morning we toured the Castle – the serious, humongous, still-has-a-moat castle, and saw the sights in the daylight.

Main Square in the Morning Light

Main Square in the Daylight

Castle Moat

We ended our trip with a stop at the market that had been set up next to the bit Cathedral – it was pretty amazing. At first we were intimidated, because we didn’t know how to buy anything… but there were so many free samples, that ultimately we just couldn’t resist. Fortunately we were going to a party that night, so we had a great excuse to buy some food to share. We bought sausages and ubriaco (drunken – soaked in wine) cheese, and artichoke and olive and pepper spreads, and tiramisu and chocolate chili liquer, and the most amazing kiwis I have ever tasted.

Cathedral and market tents

Serving Cheese in the Market



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4 responses to “La Città Medievale di Ferrara

  1. Celeste

    I wonder if I was a tourist in the US would I be just as enchanted.

  2. Lisa

    I love that you have been posting something new every day. Thanks for helping to fill my daily procrastination period. =)

    p.s. the cheese stall looks fantastic. (Can you believe I say things like that? Next thing you know I am going to love alfredo.)

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