Chi mangia le scarpe?

Who is eating the shoes?

Missing: One Nike shoe. Has anyone seen the other half of this pair? I miss it terribly. This right shoe just sits and mocks me. It says “Remember when you used to have two of us? We would go out frolicking in the park… We played volleyball… we exercised and kept you in shape… Ha! Never again!”

You know what’s worse that losing a pair of shoes? Losing just one. The other shoe has been missing long enough that I don’t think it’s coming back. If this one were to disappear … I think I would feel relieved. It would be like they never existed.


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One response to “Chi mangia le scarpe?

  1. Elaine

    May I suggest that you turn that Nike shoe over? Maybe it is very worn on one edge and you won’t feel so bad. Maybe the other shoe was trying to send you a message.

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