Limone? Ancora? – Ma Perché

Lemon? Again? – But why?

Ryan has a vendetta against lemon flavored desserts. He claims that it’s just that he doesn’t like to be surprised. For example, he finds it very upsetting if he thinks he’s biting into a sweet boston creme donut … and it turns out to be lemon. It’s just a different flavor experience, and the shock is unsettling and unsatisfactory.

The bad news for Ryan is that practically every pastry here has some sort of lemon surprise. Apple cake? … with lemon. Chocolate croissant? … with citrus glaze. Sugar coated munchkin? … with lemon creme.

Sometimes I think he’s being a little silly about the whole lemon thing … but this morning I ordered a ‘Cornetto’ (Croissant), and was looking forward to fluffy buttery goodness … and it was sticky on the outside, and the sticky was lemon flavored, and I could understand the hatred.


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  1. dave, dad

    “Ryan has a vendetta against” — ahhh how Italian of him— vendetta — the etomology is Italian —

    “vindicta ”

    Sounds like the culture is having an impact ;-)

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