Il Vincitore

The Winner

Today we were riding around town on the motorino. As usual, Ryan was driving and I was riding on the back. We pulled up at a light and as we waited, three other motorini pulled up with guys driving and girls on the back. And I thought to myself “I wonder if this ever becomes a testosterone contest between the men – to see who can ‘win’ by being fastest off the line.” And the light turned green … and sure enough, they all hit the gas – trying to prove their manhood. Men are so silly.

Does it make me silly that I was proud that we were the winners?

How about if I tell you that we were probably the oldest pair in the contest … by at least 10 years?


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One response to “Il Vincitore

  1. dave, dad

    not silly to win – once you have one, you can ignore that whole race thing with a confident air of superiority. — It is good to be the King & Queen

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