La Giacca

The Jacket

Note that the title is “The Jacket”, and not “A Jacket”

Behold, this year’s jacket in Italy:

Everyone is wearing it. It’s kinda cute … maybe a little too shiny for me.

Of course, the real problem is that when I say ‘everyone’ … I mean the men too.

Sexy! Actually, contrary to what these pictures suggest, usually the women wear black and the men wear purple and red.



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3 responses to “La Giacca

  1. Wow, I really don’t get Italian fashion, although that shouldn’t surprise me. You could probably pull it off though. Will we see more Italian-Kate fashion photos soon?!!?

  2. I actually saw a girl wearing the black version in church last Sunday! She must have gotten the fashion memo! :)

  3. dave, dad

    there is a big sale on this style at the leather and shoe repair store on east broad street – made by North Face – I bought a jacket but my pooofy body shape definitely does not need a pooofy winter jacket to add to it.


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