Ci Mancano…

We miss…

It’s starting to look like Ryan and I might get a trip back to the US for work. (Actually, we’re each getting unrelated trips that aren’t quite at the same time.) So, we’ve started to talk about the things we want to do when we get back.

Ryan’s List
– go to a sports bar (“I just want to sit in a sports bar and watch an american sport. Any American sport.” – apparently he’s not a soccer fan)
– eat wings (we’ve ordered wings once here … and they weren’t wings. I don’t know what they were … but they weren’t wings)
– March Madness! (the smile on Ryan’s face was adorable when he realized he might get to be home for his very favorite sporting event)
– Order a coke, and have as many refills as I want (he talks about this a lot)
– Chipotle (he talks about this a lot too)

Kate’s List
– bagels! toasted! sesame! poppy seed! cream cheese! cinnamon raisin! scrambled eggs and taylor ham!
– Ihop. I want whatever the special is. With eggs, and hash browns, and sausage, and crispy bacon, and some sort of flour based item smothered in fruit compote.
– Bob Evans (I know it’s southern, but I love biscuits and sausage gravy)
– Chipotle (even though it’s not as high on my list as it is on Ryan’s)
– Noodles & Co. (I know what you’re thinking … but they have such good macaroni and cheese. It’s smothered in melted cheddar cheese, with more shredded cheddar cheese on the top that gets all stringy when you mix it. aMAZing)
– Fuddruckers (I want a hamburger, with cheddar cheese, and fries … with more cheddar cheese. And a huge orange soda)
– Union Plaza Diner (Eggs benedict and french fries, and mountain dew. mmmm)
– anywhere where I can order filet mignon and loaded baked potato … (ok, maybe I just mean Outback)

And with whatever time is left … I’m going to eat sushi, and lebanese food, and mexican, and anything else that’s not Italian.

A coworker told me that Ihop was a priority for his family’s first trip home after being overseas for a year. Apparently at the end of the meal, his 8 year old daughter jumped up and gave the waiter a huge hug saying “Thank you! That was sooo good! We haven’t had breakfast like this in forever!”
My sentiments exactly. I can’t wait!



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2 responses to “Ci Mancano…

  1. Celeste

    I’m only slightly disturbed that neither of your lists include visiting American people but the Noodle place is aMAZing. I wonder if there is one here in Austin…

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