La Moda Italiana

Italian Style (Fashion)

I’ve worn purple stockings with a brown dress …. and brown tights with a purple dress. I’ve bought long beaded necklaces and big earrings. And every once in a while, I figure out how to put them all together:

La Mia Moda Italiana

La Mia Moda Italiana

Note the slouchy knee high boots, patterned stockings, big necklace, and the weird slouchy sweater dress that I played with in the mirror for 15 minutes before I finally broke down and dug out the catalog I ordered it from to figure out how to wear it.

Now granted, if I were Italian the necklace would have been bigger, and the earrings too. But with a necklace that big, I had trouble reconciling big earrings too. And I probably should have had more color – purple specifically. But I only bought one pair of purple stockings, and I put about 3 runs in them the first night I wore them because I kept catching them with my heels when I climbed onto the motorino.

Man, this fashion stuff is complicated!



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7 responses to “La Moda Italiana

  1. Elaine

    From Paris, scarves
    From Rome, jewelry
    And you look great in that dress.

  2. Lisa

    You look fantastic, all you need is a cigarette in your left hand!

    Also, patterned tights?? Crazy! That is the only part of this outfit that is really crazy for me. I agree that the purple tights would have really completed the look. What bag would you carry?

    This one and the motorino posts are my favorite so far, though I have a lot of sympathy for Ryan on the ladder situation. I am usually convinced that Brad is going to kill himself climbing something, give himself third degree burns by picking up something hot from the oven with his bare hands (who does that???) or give himself cancer while sanding ancient painted things sans mask. I would hate to see you test the Italian health system out on a broken Kate, so I’m glad Ryan is talking you down from the ladder like a hostage negotiator. Godspeed Ryan.


    • I have a red bag that I carry sometime – I think that night I carried a small black bag.

      I laughed out loud when I read this, I wish you lots of luck keeping Brad alive too, Lisa! :)

  3. Christine

    You look great! I’m so proud of you!

  4. Amber

    You go, girl! Also, FYI, you looked intimidatingly “Roman” that night we went out (on Halloween) when I first met you and I felt severely American. :)

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  6. Elaine

    I had to go to the second page of my google search to find this today. :)

    “La Moda Italiana”

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