Ma Certo!

But Of Course

“Of course there’s a car parked in the crosswalk, it’s ok to block people, just not cars.”

“Of course there’s a car parked on the sidewalk, there wasn’t enough room to parallel park, he had to go at a right angle”

“Of course the cars are parallel parked three deep, extending out into the road, they’re not blocking anyone that’s parked …. just those of us driving.”

“Of course the store is closed, it’s 2:00 – that’s right in the middle of Italian lunch time.”

“Of course they want to show up in 20 minutes, the only time they’re speedy is when it’s inconvenient.”

“Of course the car is parked in the road … if he parked by the sidewalk, he’d block in the car parked in the crosswalk.”

“Of course the motorino went on the sidewalk, there are cars in the way here in the road.”

“Of course we can’t pull over at the bus stop … there are cars parked there.”

Every one of the situations above has happened in the last 2 weeks or so – and we really did say out loud “Of course …”

Should I be worried that I am starting to think this stuff is normal?



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2 responses to “Ma Certo!

  1. hi Kate!
    i will have to show this post to tom…he just got his permit and everything is by the book (at least so far).
    love ya

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