Parole Popolari

Popular Words
From Facebook:

Kate Just Discovered The Top Words in Her Status Updates
1):today – used 16 times
2):ryan – used 11 times
3):happy – used 10 times
4):really – used 9 times
5):christmas – used 8 times
6):boss – used 8 times
7):pretty – used 8 times
8):italian – used 7 times
9):think – used 7 times
10):sure – used 7 times
An amusing snapshot of what I was telling people this year. I’m glad to see that Ryan, happy, really, and Christmas finally beat out all the issues I was having with my boss last year.
Italian etymology lesson of the day:
Penne – Penne is a pasta shape you’re probably familiar with. Did you know it also means pens? and feathers? apparently the name for ‘pen’ came from the name for feather, since pens used to be feather pens – and apparently penne pasta was created in this image.

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