Il Giorno di Ringraziamento – il fine settimana

Thanksgiving – The weekend


Colle San Paolo - Agriturismo

The morning after Thanksgiving, Ryan and I got in the car and headed up to a little agriturismo in Umbria to meet up with some friends. An agriturismo is sort of like a resort-y functional farm, and the Italian countryside is littered with them.

Our friends had rented out a house on this property and cooked Thanksgiving dinner together – we met up with them afterwards for the rest of the weekend events. We wandered hiked around the gorgeous property, watched movies, ate Thanksgiving leftovers . . . and then went sightseeing!


Perugina - Home of Baci

Our first stop was the Perugina factory, where they make Baci chocolates. In fact, every Baci chocolate everywhere in the world, comes from this one factory.

Free Chocolate Table!

Ryan ... and a wall of cocoa beans

The factory itself wasn’t running the day we were there, which was a little disappointing – but they did have a table of free chocolate set up so that we could taste all the different chocolates they make. (I may or may not have eaten until I couldn’t eat any more … and then filled my pockets.)


Town Square in Perugia

View back up the main street, from il campo

Perugina is, predictably, located just outside of Perugia. So, we went for a walk around a flea market that was going on, wandered through the town square, and stopped for lunch.

View From Perugia

On the way back, we stopped to enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding towns. We actually ended up taking a series of pictures like the one above which Ryan has stitched into one panoramic picture to frame on our wall. It turned out really cool.

Us and the view from Perugia


Door with flowers (obvious?)

Tiny Town Square

The night before we left, we went to a super-tiny and ridiculously cute town called Panicale for dinner. The town was so small, there was nowhere to park inside the walls. It was so adorable, I would have loved to go back some time during the day.

Citta’ della Pieve

A look through the city wall

The group - on a cute street

Our final stop, on the way back to Rome was Citta’ della Pieve – which we probably would’ve enjoyed more if it hadn’t been cold, really windy, and rainy. Oh well, we wandered around anyway, checking out the cute streets, and the views from the wall, and then warmed up over lunch. (Where I had the most amazing truffle gnocchi. Umbria is known for their truffles … therefore, I <3 Umbria.)



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2 responses to “Il Giorno di Ringraziamento – il fine settimana

  1. Elaine

    Perugina is predictably just outside of Perugia? Perugina is a diminutive of Perugia?

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