Viaggio a Toscana – Pisa

Trip to Tuscany – Pisa

The Tower

Pisa has been consistently advertised to me, by other people who live in Italy, as disappointing. They say there isn’t much to see in Pisa – aside from the one tower. Being thus prepared, with low expectations – Pisa proceeded to exceed them, even in the rain.

But did you know that there’s more than just a tower?

There's also a Baptistry

There’s also a Baptistry


And there’s an Amazing Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Ok, so there isn’t much else to see besides those things. But the Cathedral was pretty amazing, and Pisa is just one of those places you should see, right? It was a rainy, chilly day – so after seeing the main sights, we grabbed lunch and then hit the road for home.

I know, I know… you’ve already seen this picture. But I’m including it anyway.

Holding up the Tower of Pisa ... just like all the other tourists.



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2 responses to “Viaggio a Toscana – Pisa

  1. Tiffany Owen

    I love Ryans face in this picture. lol. He’s such a nerd. Hi Kate! You didn’t actually get to meet me when you came up, but I’m Ryans cousin Tiffany! Nice to meet you. :)

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