Viaggio a Toscana – Lucca

Trip to Tuscany – Lucca

Lucca might have been my favorite city in our little Tuscan tour.

The Wall of the Walled City

Lucca is a walled city, we were staying at a little B&B inside, so we drove in, dropped off our stuff, and then drove back out to park. The walls were pretty serious, they were built to protect the city from its ancient enemy – Florence. The perfect construction certainly brings to mind military precision – unlike other Italian walled towns which look a little more haphazard.

Ryan, atop the wall

We rented bikes and spent a good part of the day riding around the city on top of the military walls. On our left, the edge of the wall, and the green grass that used to be a moat. On our right, a tour of the city – and a great way to see the sights. We dipped on and off the wall when we saw things we wanted to explore more. We even found a restaurant to come back to for dinner, and the shopping streets where all the people were. (I ended up buying a gorgeous Florentine leather purse, and a great olive wood cutting board.)

Us, Posing on the Wall

Il Duomo

One of the other sights that we rode our bikes to was a tower … with trees growing on top of it.

The Tree Tower, From Below

It’s an unusual structure, with a series of rickety metal staircases on the way through the belfry that made Ryan very nervous.

The light at the end of the stairs

But, at last, we burst through into the sunlight and found ourselves in a (very small) rooftop garden, with an amazing view.

Ryan, looking happy, because he's not looking over the edge.

A View from the Top

We had a wonderful time riding around on bikes, seeing sights, and then wandering around on foot, checking out the crowds and doing a little shopping. Dinner was at a small restaurant where we tried local dishes and daily specials. It was a pretty great visit to Lucca.


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  1. Elaine

    Gorgeous, great photos!

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