Viaggio a Toscana – Dievole

Voyage to Tuscany – Dievole

Second stop on the Tuscany trip was to a winery . . .

First-Glimpse : View From the Parking Lot

It . Was . Beautiful .

As soon as we arrived, they offered us wine. Which we turned down. But they looked at us with such confusion, that we changed our minds. Took a glass of wine, and wandered around to check out the property while we waited for the wine tasting tour.

A Glass of Wine and a View

Tables, green and trees.

View of the Pool ... oh, and the Mountains

After wandering around the property for a little while, looking at the ancient church, and the beautiful views, we started the wine tour in the basement, and old wine cellar of Dievole.

Candlelight, Prosciutto, Chianti, and Really old Wine Oaks

We learned about the Chianti wine region, and san giovese grapes, and the Dievole family that started this winery. The tour continued through the new wine cellar, and we even had a tasting by the old church.

Ryan and I enjoying the tour

The rest of the evening had us eating dinner in Dievole’s restaurant and then retiring to our room for the free bottle of wine, a bottle of sweet wine, and some Italian dessert cookies.

Tree just outside the door to our room

Our room was actually a huge two-bedroom suite that we shared with the Andersons. In the morning we threw open the windows and had amazing views of the Tuscan hillsides, complete with a low-lying fog filling the valleys. It was amazing. Breakfast was outside on a beautiful terrace, surrounded by pomegranate and citrus trees. Alas, we couldn’t stay forever, and had to continue on our way after breakfast.

Leaving Dievole

On our way to our next adventure ... <i>This</i> is Tuscany

On our way to our next AdventureThis is Tuscany.

sneak preview: We haven’t picked a place yet – actually, we’ve done nothing but daydream. But we’re thinking we might like to have our wedding up in Tuscany at a place like this.



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2 responses to “Viaggio a Toscana – Dievole

  1. Thanx for sharing this info with us. :)

    I have just tweeted it (

    By the way, when did you book for the winery? Months before?

    Ciao ciao,


  2. All of this looks like something out of a movie. You guys have been busy!

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