Viaggio a Toscana – Siena

Trip to Tuscany – Siena

(And so continues a series … of me catching up on blog entries. I went to Romania in October, if that gives you any idea)

Tuscany was another trip we took in October, this time with the Andersons. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but a great introduction to Tuscany. I found myself saying over and over again “Look, it looks just like Tuscany is supposed to look!”. (Which, of course, Ryan laughed at me for.)

Il Campo

Our first stop was a (rainy) afternoon in Siena. Siena comes highly recommended by Rick Steves. He says whenever anyone in his office mentions Siena, everyone always says “Siena, oh, i looooove Siena.”

City Hall

We wandered through the small streets down to Il Campo – the town square, which is where the famous Siena Palio horse race happens every year. It was cool the day we were there, but I can imagine the whole area being covered with people relaxing in the sun. The City Hall’s tower was quite impressive, and apparently the tallest non-religious tower in Italy.

Il Duomo

And of course, what Italian town would be complete without an amazing church (or a cathedral in this case). We sat on the steps to eat our lunch, and enjoy the view … until the skies opened up & we decided to head on to the next stop. I’m thinking I might have to try visiting Siena again when it’s sunny,  or maybe during the Palio to really appreciate it. ‘Cause as much as I hate to say it, I wasn’t that impressed. There just wasn’t enough personality to the city. I know, it sounds terrible. *shrug* That’s why I’m figuring I’ll try it again.


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