Fuori coll’Antico

Out with the Old

In southern Italy there is a tradition of throwing old things out the window at midnight on New Year’s Eve – Out with the Old – to prepare for the new. In that spirit (or maybe because we were lazy all day on Friday) we thought we should do some cleaning up around the house. So, for my first project, I decided to go through all of the papers and magazines we had collected from all over the house & piled up in the guest bedroom when we had friends coming over for Christmas dinner. The following is to give you an idea of how that went:

Me: You have a folder here of Jiffy Lube receipts for cars that you don’t own.

Ryan: Well, I don’t own any cars now that go to Jiffy Lube, so …

Me: So, can I throw it away?

Ryan: Wait, let me see it.

A little while later…

Me: Do you keep …?

Ryan: Everything? Yes.

Me: Well, I noticed that.



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5 responses to “Fuori coll’Antico

  1. christine nowicki

    i find this highly amusing considering what i went through when i helped you get rid of stuff before the move. i felt like a hostage negotiator. “kate, put the gun down, i’ll let you keep that empty bottle of wine if you throw away this calendar from 1998 – just put the gun down”

    also, if you recall, i decided that i’m never giving you anything that isn’t consumable b/c you have severe gift-guilt.

  2. Elaine

    Maybe I can help. There are people in my house who bring their cars to Jiffy Lube.

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