L’Amore è …

Love is …

Love is trusting the man you love to drive you safely home on the motorino when he’s driving it in rain for the first time.

Love is driving the woman you love home in the rain, blocking most of the wind and the wet – when you might have preferred not to go out in the first place.

A long time ago Ryan and I had a conversation about The Five Love Languages – and how different things were important to me than were important to him. One of the love languages is ‘Acts of Service’ – where you show someone that you care for them by doing things for them. When we go on road trips, and even when we are just driving around town, Ryan usually drives – that is one of the ‘Acts of Service’ that he likes to do. And here in Rome, I feel loved every single time I get on the back of the motorino with Ryan. There is something romantic about riding around Rome on a motorino, I guess. I get to look around at the monuments and relax, while Ryan has to navigate, avoid other drivers, watch out for potholes, and take the brunt of the wind. He’s giving me a gift every time, because I’m not yet steady enough (or strong enough) to drive the motorino with Ryan on the back, and I don’t know how to get anywhere anyway. So he takes the burden – but he doesn’t complain.

I just get to climb on the back in a skirt and heels, and feel feminine, and loved, and taken care of. :)

I’m a lucky girl.



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3 responses to “L’Amore è …

  1. Elaine

    Adorable, beautiful, wonderful.

  2. Amber

    Love the Five Love Languages! Joel and I didn’t read it until anniversary #6, but it really was the best relationship book we’ve read (actually, we listened to it on CD). Glad you discovered it early and keep those acts of love going for each other. Sounds like you’re doing well… so glad!

  3. What a beautiful post. I especially liked the last two sentences, that’s how I feel when Dan does an Act of Service for me too!

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