Che Capodanno!

What a New Year’s Eve!

There’s really nothing interesting to say about what Ryan and I did to celebrate the new year. We had thought about going out of town, but we failed to plan ahead. We were going to go out on the town, but there was a crazy thunderstorm, so it was hard to get motivated. (It’s hard to drive places because there’s nowhere to park when you arrive at your destination – and this problem is multiplied when it rains.) So, we stayed in. We picked at leftovers from Christmas, we played guitar hero, drank some wine, and played some puzzle games. The rain eventually subsided, but by then, we were settled in for the night.

We were interrupted at around 11:53 by some fireworks … so we went to the window to see if we could see anything … and wow. I love the United States, and I’m proud to be an American … but those Romans put our Fourth of July celebrations to shame. From our balcony we could see major fireworks shows going on in at least 10 different places. It was like every stadium and every piazza had its own show. We could see fireworks going off in four places atop the hills of Rome, and coming from everywhere below. And then there were the shows right in our neighborhood. There was someone in the building next door lighting some major fireworks that shook the windows when the boomed. We started running around to all the windows in our apartment to see if we could see where the local shows were. Turns out there was a big show at a gorgeous villa behind us (think it’s an embassy or something). Sticking our heads out the window – the air was so thick with smoke, it looked like a very foggy day. And then, on the other side of our apartment, the smoke started to rise up around our balcony and I thought “Oh, please just tell me that people are not setting off fireworks on the balcony directly below ours.” I put my head over the railing to find face directly above a series of fireworks lined up on the wall along our building. The portiere (live-in maintenance guy/building owner) was lighting fireworks just below us. I pulled my head back to safety.

It was pretty amazing. Ryan and I were like two kids, running from window to window to see the show. And then finally settling in – kneeling over the back of the couch, looking out the window.

The major shows continued until around 1am … and by the time we went to sleep, I could swear we heard another round starting up. We even woke up this morning to more fireworks – presumably from the neighbors who weren’t home to do their own last night. What a New Years Eve!

Felice Anno Nuovo a tutti!
Happy New Year to all!


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  1. Michelle Wilson

    Happy New Year to you too!! We got your postcard and enjoyed hearing from you. Now that we have your address, I will send you a Christmas card of our family. I hope you have a great 2010 and I LOVE reading about your adventures on your blog! Maybe someday we can come visit you guys:)

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