I Nostri Compleanni

Our Birthdays

Ryan turned 30 this year! (ssh, don’t tell him I told you)

I wanted sooo badly to get a group together as a surprise for his birthday – but a bunch of people were travelling that weekend, so I had to give up on the surprise idea, and get a group together the following weekend for both of our birthdays.

Ultimately we managed to pull together a pretty good group – we met up in Trastevere, had dinner, went to a place that had lots of different beers (the guys’ choice, naturally), and then we went to a bar. It was Halloween when we went out – but the Italians aren’t really into it. Although the guys were enthralled with some long-legged beauties wearing angel wings, and I saw a lot of witch hats. (none of the rest of the costume, just the hats.)

My birthday was a Monday – and I came home from work to find this:

Ryan had bought flowers from the flower stand by the street (in Italian!), poured two glasses of wine, picked out a restaurant, and (purchased!) and wrapped some presents. He bought a salt/pepper/oil & vinegar set for our table, and a book about wine (in Italian), and a book about vineyards – hopefully places we can go visit! It was really sweet. I’m so lucky. :)

Shoutout to Theresa:
(who doesn’t really read my blog anyway and probably won’t see this)

Theresa sent me a birthday card, and I was disproportionately excited about it. I told Theresa how happy I was to go through my mail and find a brightly colored envelope with a birthday card in it. And she hit the nail right on the head when she said “I know how you feel, it’s kinda like camp, isn’t it?”



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3 responses to “I Nostri Compleanni

  1. Elaine

    I’m sorry our card didn’t make it.

  2. Amber

    And on the bright side… if you’d done the surprise thing the week before, I wouldn’t have been there, and it was so fun getting to know each other in that beer place. :)

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