e Una Seconda Volta

and a Second Time

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I rode the motorino to work alone again today – for the second time. And it was awesome. I was decked out in my black motorcycle jacket, my black motorcycle boots, black gloves, and a purple european scarf. Oh yeah, and I arrived alive.

Things I’m good at:
Going fast
Knowing where I’m supposed to be going

Things I’m not good at:
Using the right/front brake without turning the handle and giving it gas at the same time
tight turns
using the rearview mirror on the left hand side
(Although I fixed this for the drive home – turns out you just have to move it so you can see. The first time I tried to adjust it, I was driving, and I turned the whole bike)
Using the rearview mirrors to see people whizzing from behind me while still concentrating on what’s in front of me.

Rules of the Road (According to an Italian):
“It is safer if you go faster than everybody else”
“The place for motorini, is all the space on the road that nobody else is using.”

The only thing that was shouted at me by an onlooker:
(Who also happened to be a friend of mine)
Kate! Look at you on your Vespa! I’m going to close my eyes. I can’t watch. I’m scared.



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3 responses to “e Una Seconda Volta

  1. dave, dad

    you may recall you father encouraging you to use the accelerator more aggressively (asserting your “territoral imperative”) when you were learning how to drive. Of course you were surrounded by several thousand pounds of metal at the time.

    That said, the comment about being safer if you go faster than everyone else reminds me of the story of the drunk who, when stopped for speeding, explained to the policeman that he wanted to get home quickly before he hurt anyone.

    • yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a case of the happy medium. You shouldn’t drive faster than you can take in the input around you or faster than you can react, or faster than you can adjust. Although if you can get off the line before the cars (which are usually stop behind you anyway – since the motorini all wait in the cross walk) you can drive with empty space around you instead of cars.

      Don’t worry, I’m being careful.

  2. Dad, Dave

    Oh I know that. AND I understand the “need for speed” ( this is your father speaking here ) – just trying to imagine you as a “Biker Babe” in Hell’s Angels leathers — somehow doesn’t fit your Duke personna !!!


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