Nuove Chiave

New Keys

Yesterday the lock guy was here for 4 hours changing the lock on our front door.
Today I’m at home again, presumably for another 4 hours to change the lock on the other front door.

But it’s ok, because this entire scenario is not without humor.

Favorite Quote about Americans
me: I didn’t realize that my door was steel on the inside. That’s pretty serious.
him: Unfortunately, in Italy we need these types of doors. In the U.S. you don’t need them because everyone has a gun.

me: Um, I think it depends on what area of the country you live in. Not everyone has a gun.
him: Well, I guess it’s also that in the United States, when someone breaks into your home, the police do something about it. Here, the thieves know that the police won’t do anything – so it’s a calculated risk that they make.

When the locksmith told me that my old locks could be broken into within 4 minutes, I was concerned. Then he told me my new lock was a level 6 lock, and it couldn’t be broken into. I felt relieved.
Now I learn that apparently the Italian police don’t do anything about crimes, now I’m concerned again.
Amusing Realization of the day
Because we have so many issues with keys in this house, before Ryan left on his trip this week, I made sure he had a house key so he could get in the house whenever he got home. But, Ryan went on a trip to an island vacation spot without me, so I did what any normal woman would do … I had the locks changed!
(Note to Ryan’s mom: Don’t worry, I’ll be home to let him in when he gets back.)


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  1. dave, dad

    very interesting perception of U.S. by an average Italian. Though at least statistically I believe I read somewhere there are more guns than people in the U.S. statements/Guns and crime.htm

    While it is true there are almost as many guns as people in the U.S. , Defensive Gun Use by civilians to deter crime is almost 3x’s the number of guns unsed to commit a crime.

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