Dove sono le chiavi?

Where are the keys?

Locking the keys in the trunk of the motorino – the second in the recent series of locking our keys inside things during that one difficult week.

We had just arrived home and were taking our bags out of the trunk and putting our helmets in. As soon as we closed the trunk, we went to get the keys to lock the ignition … and couldn’t find them. After looking in all the crevices of my purse, and turning our pockets inside out, we had to assume that they must have been locked inside the trunk (il bauletto).

The trunk looks like this:

The lock isn’t the most significant lock I’ve ever seen, so we thought we might be able to figure out how to break into it. Or rather, we thought the internet might know how to break into it. And it did, well … it claimed to know, and it said it was really easy, but it didn’t want to share, in case thieves were reading. Doh!

Plan B:  Ryan researched lock picking – he read all about the necessary tools, and the delicate techniques. Then he found a piece of metal and, using his dremel, shaped  it into what he remembered the motorino key looking like. 20 minutes later, he came back upstairs … and the motorino trunk was still locked.

And the solution, after all that?
Straighten the pin in the hinge, and open the trunk from the back.


I’d feel worse about posting this on the internet … if it weren’t so obvious. The only thing that stopped us from trying this sooner was that it seemed too easy to possibly work.

After some searching for detailed pictures … I suspect that this may actually have happened before on this particular motorino, because I don’t think ours has its original pin. Maybe with the original pin, it’s a little harder. yeah, that’s it.



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3 responses to “Dove sono le chiavi?

  1. dave, dad

    This whole lock thing seems to be a continuing theme in your adventures. However I hesitate to comment with too much sarcasism since I know where it would lead — me doing the same thing — and at your mothers age ( I being the younger one) they call it Alzheimer’s. For you two its’ just cute — combined IQ in the thousands and can’t master the key vs locked space concept. There must be some sort of algorithm in C++ that would work — then just keep it running in an infinite loop as a background error checking process. ;-)

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