Percorrendo Come i Romani

Riding around like the Romans
(title inspired by a New York Times article mom sent me – I think before she knew we had bought one)

So, we bought a motorino.

It looks basically like this:

Except ours has a windshield, a little trunk, and a it’s light blue-ish. I was trying to wait to post this until I had a picture of it, but Ryan has the camera in Malta, and I have a stack of blog postings about the motorino that are waiting on this one.

We didn’t set out to buy a Vespa specifically, but by the time we were looking to buy our motorino, this is what was available in the local, within the embassy, market. It’s a 200 cc GranTurismo, and it’s a few years old. (2005?)

There are several people in the office who have motorinos. They are great for driving around traffic and shortening commute time, driving in all the ‘restricted’ areas in the historical center of town, and for finding parking in any minimal space or crowded area.



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5 responses to “Percorrendo Come i Romani

  1. dad, dave

    OK, now its’ official — you two have a new theme song:

    the sixties rock classic, “Born to be Wild” from the soundtrack to Easy Rider, starring Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper & Peter Fonda

    But I do have a question. Will you be considered just a biker wannabe if you wear your “leathers” when cruising on a Vesper?????

  2. dad, dave

    Here is a short link if you have trouble with the above link:

  3. Pat

    All I can say is Oh, no…I don’t want Rick to see this :) He has always wanted a motorcycle but I have to admit I like yours lots more than his hot-rod choices. This actually reminds me of my brother’s mini-bike that we used to ride down the dirt road that ran to the railroad tracks behind the farm at Farber. It could pick up and go or you could just put-put around on it. David was always tinkering with it…that’s why he is an engineer…he was always taking things apart to see how they ran. But one time he didn’t get the handle bars tightened up good and I was flying down the road when they literally went loose and dropped down on either side. Needless to say, I ended up in the ditch with a big goose-egg on the side of my leg for quite awhile after that.

    I can see where this would be perfect for the traffic in Rome! And Dave’s theme song for you two is great!!!

  4. MN

    I have wanted one to travel around Haddonfield but Mark says it would be embarrassing for him!

    • Does that make me uncool and embarrassing too? I think the standards are different here.

      Also, it’s possible that even if you rode a Ducati or a Harley, Mark would say the same thing.

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