Il Giorno di Ringraziamento – Un Avventura

Thanksgiving Day – An Adventure

Our Thanksgiving Day has had:

Language barriers

A mess in the kitchen

A Small Explosion

A Small Explosion

using the vacuum cleaner on the stove (in the aftermath of the explosion)

chips of porcelain in the stuffing

A Small Fire

A Small Fire

a bug crawling across the cutting board

And Finally …

What we hope are successful crescent rolls ...

So, what am I thankful for?

– I’m thankful that nothing else has gone wrong (yet)

– no injuries

– Ryan – who dealt with the porcelain in the stuffing catastrophe

– I’m thankful that Dad or Aunt Marcia usually cook Thanksgiving dinner

– I’m thankful that we ended up with some food to bring to Thanksgiving after all this

I’m thankful for new friends, old friends, and family.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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4 responses to “Il Giorno di Ringraziamento – Un Avventura

  1. Diane & Issac

    What an awesome Thanksgiving adventure … we certainly enjoyed a few laughs reading about it hear in Kentucky after an wonderful but uneventful Thanksgiving dinner :-)

  2. Pat

    Well, all I can say is that you did your Mom proud, Ryan, with the help of Kate because those crescent rolls look really good…hope the taste was there too! I am alittle concerned about the explosion…that looks like Corningware but I heard the new Pyrex WILL explode because it is made cheaply now by China or Japan one.

  3. Elaine

    Beautiful crescent rolls. Yum!

  4. The crescent rolls did turn out really very good – and with almost all the credit due to Ryan. All I did was buy ingredients and come to the rescue with flour. :)

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