Questa Settimana

This Week

This week I didn’t find time to write in the blog. This week I don’t have the good humor to add humor to these stories (I probably will next week).

This week:

– we locked the keys to our motorino in its trunk
– I lost my badge
– we locked the keys to our house in the house
(More specifically, in the lock, on the other side of the door, such that even though I had another set of keys in my purse, they wouldn’t go in the door)
– we got a flat tire
– both of our cell phones ran out of money
– the auto recharge on our cell SIMs stopped working
– since there was no more money on the SIM, the phone company did not renew my data service
– when I tried to manually renew the data service, the phone company said I don’t have an iPhone. (even though I do) and so refused to renew my iPhone data plan
– our internet provider threatened to cancel our service
– I took a french test, after which I was incapable of speaking Italian
– I got 95% of the way through paying the bill for our internet service online – only to find out that while they accept credit cards, they don’t accept any of OUR credit cards
– I faxed in a request so that the internet provider would auto-debit a different credit card (different from paying on line) … and the fax didn’t work
– Vonage charged me $120 just to cancel their service

And finally … I came home early, ate amazing rosemary breadsticks with fresh pepper spread that we bought in Ferrara with white wine we bought in Orvieto … and it balances out. (Or at least, that’s how I feel after one glass of wine …)

I’ll attempt some humorous accounts of some of these events later this weekend. And our trip to Venice & Ferrara.



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6 responses to “Questa Settimana

  1. dave, dad

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hope the rest of the week is much better – you guys deserve a break

  2. Pat

    Geez! You guys just told us about the Vonage bill…but not all the rest. I know you have better days ahead of you. I do worry though, Kate, that Ryan’s misplacing things is wearing off on you!!! I’m so sorry! (I still love ya, son ;)

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