Ceramiche Orvietane

Orviettan Ceramics –

(Is ‘Orviettan’ a word? I’m aiming for the adjective form of the city Orvieto …)


Now that the movers have come and gone, I finally felt safe enough to unwrap the espresso set we bought in Orvieto.  It came from the Fusari ceramics shop where we stopped to talk with one of the owners. It has 6 little espresso cups, a sugar bowl, and a serving plate. They were hand painted in the traditional Orvietan style which dates back to the Etruscans. The design itself is a traditional Etruscan design, which is also displayed on the columns of the Duomo in Orvieto. The leaves are acanthus leaves, which were a symbol of enduring life. The blue color is known as ‘blu Orvietano’.

Really, we picked this set because we liked it, but it was pretty neat to learn how much history and tradition went into it all. It makes it that much more unique and special for us to use it.


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  1. Elaine

    I loved hearing about the Etruscan design and all. Nice espresso set and such a good memory.

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