Video ha ucciso la Radio Star

Video killed the radio star

(Actually, Google translate refused to translate this one … it insisted that an italian would say this in English … so, I sort of invented my own translation :)

Video Box

My sad lonely VCR and videos

This is the VCR and the box of videos that Ryan refuses to set up for me. And look! a whole collection of videos about Rome, right there on top! Just gathering dust.

It’s not that I can’t set it up myself . . . it’s the principle of the thing! :)

Actually, I just think it’s funny that our whole living room looks amazing, except for the one cardboard box left in the middle of it.



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5 responses to “Video ha ucciso la Radio Star

  1. Dad, Dave

    Now THAT’s funny

    I think the solution would be obvious to two brilliant software stars.

    In microsoft’s world each bug in the current version is called a feature in the next version.


    That is not a old box of outdated technology…
    it is a decorative masterpiece — the Sine qua non of an avant-garde retro interior design movement.

    And it BELONGS in the center of the room.

  2. dave, dad

    You already know this song but I did not

    A song by the Buggles (one hit wonder)
    “Video Killed the Radio Star”
    from the album “The Age of Plastic”

    seems like a radio fan of a star had a broken heart after “pictures came”

    — sort of like the career demise of so many silent movie stars with very squeaky voices when “talkies” came on the scene.

  3. Amy

    Kate I know exactly what you are going through! Matt believes that VHS tapes are a thing of the past and don’t belong in our “high tech” house so he won’t hook up my VCR and refuses to make room for my classic VHS tapes on his bookcase full of DVDs because it “just doesn’t look right”….men, what are we going to do with them?

    Love from Amy, Matt and Kyle

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