Il Divano

The Couch

Here are some pictures of our crazy huge modular couch. And the living room that Ryan so carefully arranged as soon as our stuff arrived.

Two Pieces make a Love Seat

Two Pieces make a Love Seat

Our couches are made  up of three identical corner pieces, and one ottoman. This first picture is two corner pieces, arranged to make a weird shaped love seat. We were pretty excited about how our new couch turned out. It’s a little crazy, a little different, but amazingly comfortable, very versatile … and it made Ryan happy. And Ryan is quite the couch connoisseur.

Ryan’s furniture philosophy: (according to Kate)

Ryan feels that it is quite limiting that a piece of furniture should define what you do on it. ie. Table = eat here. Bed= sleep here. Couch = sit here.

Likewise for rooms. Why do you have to eat in the dining room? Why do you have to sleep in the bedroom? Why not sleep wherever you happen to be when you get tired? Why not eat standing up in the kitchen if that’s where you’re hungry?

I, on the other hand, am not so open minded. I really like to sleep in bed. Bed is nice. Bed is cozy. Bed has blankets, and pillows, and an alarm clock. I don’t like to sleep on the couch because I know I’ll have to get up later, and go to bed. When I get sleepy, I stop what I’m doing and perform the ritual of ‘getting ready for bed’, followed closely by ‘going to bed’. Ryan is not so limited – he *loves* the couch. (Sound familiar, Reading family?)


Corner + Ottoman = Chaise Lounge

So, we had to find a compromise. And for our first piece of furniture, we bought a couch that meet’s Ryan’s stamp of approval by not limiting the activities it can be used for, and being a comfortable place to sleep. And it meets mine because: it’s really cool, it’s very cozy, and there’s enough space on it that I could actually sleep comfortably on it the whole night. So, in the spirit of love and compromise, I gave in, and fell asleep with Ryan on the couch. And I’ll admit … it was pretty awesome. :)

These couches are pretty fanstastic overall, you can arrange yourself in any direction – to look out the window, to watch TV, to talk to someone at the dinner table… You can curl up in a corner, or lay out fully. Ryan can sit up, while I lay down…

Shall I stop going on about the couches now? Probably. I’m pretty sure this is not nearly as exciting to anyone else as it is to me.  I just figure it’s a bit of a milestone that our first major furniture purchase together was so successful. (Especially with the way we argued over desk supplies! ;-)


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  1. Elaine

    Very successful!

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