Impariamo Ancora

We are still learning

We got this business card in our mailbox:

Business Card

Ryan: I can’t decide if it’s for a babysitter or a real estate agent.
Kate: I thought it was for a ventilation system.

The real answer:

I looked up all the words on google translate, and still didn’t know what it was. All I knew was that they do service and parts, free demos, and they have new anti-allergenic system. So I put “Vorwerk Folletto” in Google search … turns out it’s a vacuum. I now feel entirely confident that if that entire card was in English, I would have still had no idea what they were selling. :)


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One response to “Impariamo Ancora

  1. dave, dad

    you may not know what it is but if you call and ask you will probably be told that as an american you can’t live without it!!!!!!!


    it could be a vacuum cleaner device that you attach to your nose during allergy season — something you most definitely CAN live without — I hope ;-)

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