Scatole, Cartone e Mobili – dopo una settimana

boxes, cartons, and furniture – after a week

More quotes from a few days later – as our stuff continues to battle for space.

Ryan: I think our office supplies are going to collide, and I’m going to be upset.

Kate: What?

Ryan: Because you have stuff like this pen holder . . . You know what? This is going to be my desk.

Kate: No, no, it can’t. Because, then where will all of my office supplies go?

Ryan: OK, fine. It can be your desk, but we’re only going to put my stuff in it.

Kate jams a shirt into her closet

Ryan: You’re not very good at closet efficiency.

Kate: Why?

Ryan: You just jam stuff in there. All you need to do is lide it over.

Kate: Did you see the coat closet?

Ryan: Yes! I was like ‘Who destroyed the coats?!’

Kate: <laughing> I had three coats to hang up. And they wouldn’t go. The last one, I just jammed it in, and the hanger didn’t even reach the rod. But I thought, “It’s pretty packed in there, maybe it’ll stay”. So I backed up, and it started to fall. So I jammed it in again, until I just barely got the hook over the bar . . . and I called it done.

Kate: Baby, would you make fun of me if I wore these sunglasses?

Ryan: Yes.

Kate: I think I’m going to throw them away.

Ryan: When did you own these?

Kate: They used to be in style!

Ryan: Where is my razor holder?

Kate: The big thing that you lay your razor on?

Ryan: Yes.

Kate: It’s in the garbage.

Ryan: Why is it in the garbage? I didn’t put it there. I didn’t throw it away.

Kate: Because it takes up a lot of space.

Ryan: I have a cube this big (less than a square foot) and everything fits in there.

Kate: No it doesn’t, you leave it out all the time.

Ryan: That’s just because I leave stuff out all the time, not because it doesn’t fit. Where am I going to put my razor?

Kate: It goes in the toothbrush holder.

Ryan: I know, and you’re going to get toothpaste in my razor.

And the saga continues. :)



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3 responses to “Scatole, Cartone e Mobili – dopo una settimana

  1. dad, dave

    life lesson #8,341 — if you never unpack a box there can be no dispute about where to put its’ contents

    sounds like you two are doing great — love hearing the adventures — especially the ones that do not require leaving the apartment.

  2. These are some of my favorite posts yet. I laughed so hard… It sounds like conversations that Peter and I still have with each other. :-)

  3. dave, dad

    Upon further thought you two are very lucky — at least you talk about it

    our cleaning ladies just randomly put the same things away in different places EVERY week.

    and since they do not speak much English, I can’t even ask them WHERE much less WHY

    But then again, given some of the unusual places I have found things, I suspect that if they did speak English I would be even more confused :-0

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