Scatole, Cartone e Mobili – Oh My!

Boxes, Cartons and Furniture – Oh My!

(You guessed right … ‘Oh My’ was English :)

Our furniture, and all the rest of our stuff, arrived a few weeks ago (and we’re still unpacking). Everything went surprisingly well. Most of the stuff that was supposed to come here actually made it (anybody know where my skiis are?) and all of our major items of furniture fit through the door and in the rooms with adequate space. There were about 6 movers who loaded boxes into our tiny elevator, and carried big pieces of furniture up 5 flights of stairs. They were pretty quick – out by 1pm. Meanwhile Ryan and I were frantically unpacking to attempt to send as much garbage and empty boxes home with the movers as possible. The place was an amazing disaster, and we’re still digging ourselves out of the piles in some rooms.

The fun part of the whole experience was really Ryan and I opening each others’ boxes, and combining our belongings. You see, in moving to Rome, we are actually moving in with each other for the first time. He’s been to my house, I’ve been to his … but another person’s belongings take on a whole new meaning when they are going to be in your house, perhaps taking up space that might have otherwise been occupied by your stuff.

Hilarity Ensues:

Ryan holds up a blue extension cord

Ryan: Your family is the most rainbow family. Did you buy this?

Kate: Yes. It went with the blue lamp.

Ryan: I would never buy this.

(Ryan gestures at our brown & tan couches, and brown carpet)

Ryan: This can’t be used anywhere in this room . . . and it’s an extension cord!

Ryan: For a small kitchen, you have a lot of stuff. . . . A cookie press? You’ve probably never used this in your life!

Kate: Yes I have! I use it every Christmas to make cookies.


Ryan: I’m going to go unpack somewhere else.

Kate: But wait! I found a rolling pin!

Ryan: You better make a lot of pies.


Ryan: Do you really want to take up the entire living room with VHS?

Kate: I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet.

Ryan: To VHS??

Kate: No, to the movies I have on VHS.

Kate puts aside the wallet/electrical device gentleman’s valet she bought for Ryan – in an effort to help him keep track of his wallet, keys, phone, etc.

Kate: This may have been a failed experiment, but at least it wasn’t too expensive.

Ryan: Waiiiit . . . I am NOT an experiment.

Ryan is sitting with a box of 30 cables, carefully wrapping them.

Kate: Is that a monitor cable?

Ryan: Yes.

Kate: <silence>

Ryan: Why do I have it?

Kate: <nodding>

Ryan: <sheepishly> I might have two more.

One of my favorite things about the unpacking experience was seeing a side of Ryan I had only heard about. He told me that when he was younger and his mom asked him to clean his room, she would return an hour later dismayed to find that the room was actually worse that it had been when he started because Ryan decided that in order to properly clean his room, he had to first take everything out and reorganize it – before putting it away.

Ryan had organized our DVDs by genre while our bed was still under a mountain of clothes, and every horizontal surface in our kitchen was so covered with stuff that it was fundamentally unusable.

But I will give him credit – while I worked all over the house, doing a little here & a little there. Ryan created a space in the living room where we could relax. And if we faced ourselves just right on the couch, we could only see clean, organized spaces – and pretend the rest of the house looked the same.

Quote of the Day:

I don’t want to live in a giant clutterbox, if at all possible. – Ryan



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2 responses to “Scatole, Cartone e Mobili – Oh My!

  1. Elaine

    I don’t think we need photos for this one – unless of course you want to post photos of the rolling pin and all the cable in their final resting places….

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