Caffé per Portare Via

Coffee to go

Italian Style, of course:

Really? Really?

Really? Really?

Ryan ran into a Café for a quick Caffé before a road trip, as Ryan described it:

“Well, I’ll never do that again. First of all, the guy looked at me like I was crazy. Then he was digging around looking for a cup forever. I’m sure he was thinking ‘Coffee to go? Who does that? Nobody does that.’ ”

Personally, I like that they were able to find a disposable cup, and tiiiiny disposable spoon . . . and then twisted up a napkin for a top.

Awesome :)



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2 responses to “Caffé per Portare Via

  1. dave, dad

    either that is a VERY large cup of coffee or that dashboard is pretty small

    but the decorative bows are really cute too

    • kateandryan

      haha. It’s actually a super tiny cup of coffee … on a super tiny dashboard. I’m pretty sure the cup is the same kind you guys use next to the little spit bowl at your offices. :)

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