Viaggio Alpino – Munich

Alpine Voyage – Munich

A view of the 'tent'

A view of the 'tent'

Beer Filling Station

Beer Filling Station

Ah yes, the real destination. Munich, or more specifically, Oktoberfest. We had a friend who had reserved a time share about an hour outside of Munich, and the group of us were up before 7am to get ready & catch the train into Munich. Around 830 ish we were in Munich following the lederhosen to the Oktoberfest fairgrounds. (yes, following the lederhosen – everyone was dressed up. Men in lederhosen, and women in traditional german dresses.) It was a saturday, so in order to be able to get into one of the tents, we had to get up really early to stand in line to try to get in. Apparently we hit the sweet spot for time, because we were able to get in and get a table. (You have to be at a table to get served.)

Note the Time ...

Note the Time ...

We  were sitting at the tables, with our first round, before 9:30 am. Yes, it was ridiculous. I have never ever had an alcoholic drink that early in the morning. But the reality was that if we wanted to experience Oktoberfest, we were either going to have to rewind the clock and reserve a table last year, or get there early and order beers the size of our heads at 9:30 am. Obviously, we chose the latter.

Ryan - actually cheerful in the morning, for once

Ryan - actually cheerful in the morning, for once

A beer ... and a humungous pretzel

A beer ... and a humungous pretzel

We sat at those picnic-style tables for about 8 hours. We ordered food, drank beer, and met lots of people – from all over the world. We shared our table with Spaniards, Germans, Brazilians, other Americans, Brits … it was crazy. And lots of fun. People asked me what we did for 8 hours … it was mostly just talking and people watching, and attempting to sing along with crazy German drinking songs. It was certainly a cultural experience.

Ryan's knife/glass trick

Ryan's knife/glass trick

By 530 we were pretty well done. We left the beer tent, got some hot dogs with mustard, and wandered around the fairgrounds a bit. It actually resembles a state fair … lots of games, and food and rides – but in the middle of a city. After all that excitement, we were at home in bed by 10pm. We’re thinking of going again next year, and maybe getting a reservation in a tent so we can wander around a little more at our leisure, and head into the tent at a more appropriate time. :)



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3 responses to “Viaggio Alpino – Munich

  1. Elaine

    You were looking cheerful at 9:30 AM, too. Only you had already drunk a third of your beer!

  2. dave, dad

    now this what I call experiencing the local culture.

    this is something I would love to do — beer brats & pretzels.

    Have not done that trio since milwaukee days — before basketball games

  3. kateandryan

    Yeah, the food and all was definitely pretty good. and I only managed to be cheerful because, although it was early in the morning, I had already eaten breakfast. :)

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