Viaggio Alpino – Riva del Garda

Alpine Voyage – Riva del Garda

View of Lago Di Garda from above

View of Lago Di Garda from above

Riva del Garda was a quick side trip off of our main path. Ryan had mentioned that there were supposed to be some pretty lakes in Northern Italy, and the GPS showed that we were driving by one (Lago di Garda), so I looked it up in our Fodor’s book, and we decided to take a quick detour.


Riva del Garda is apparently quite the tourist hot spot in August – when all the Italians go on vacation. But since we were there at the end of September, it was pleasantly uncrowded, but still absolutely beautiful. It’s a little lakeside town with shops along the water, and sailboats, and green grass, and park benches, and beautiful mountain vistas.

Fisherman out on the lake

Fisherman out on the lake

We didn’t stay in Riva del Garda long, but we did take a nice walk along the water just to check out the views. On the way back, we stopped at a shop along the road where we bought some local wine, and a snack. Ryan almost broke a bottle of wine when he was looking at a wine holder:

Olive Wood Wine Holder

Olive Wood Wine Holder

The wine holder works by balance – so if you want to touch it – you really have to grab both pieces at the same time, or it all comes tumbling down. I knew this because I’d seen this type of thing before. Ryan, however, thought that they must have been somehow glued together. So this display, which was carefully balanced on a shelf on top of a whole lot of other breakable things – almost got taken out when Ryan grabbed the holder. Fortunately, the bottle landed on the shelf, and didn’t come crashing to the ground. After that amusing scenario, we figured it would be a fun souvenir to have from our trip – particularly because the wine stand was made of local olive wood which has a neat pattern.


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  1. This place looks amazing! In my book, it doesn’t get any better than mountains and lakes together.

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