Poker a Lunga Distanza

Long Distance Poker

Last night Ryan took a nap after dinner, conveniently awaking at 1:50 am to play poker with his friends back home in Virginia. This is what happens when a bunch of computer geeks are determined to play poker even when one of the regulars is off in Italy:

Ryan's Poker Face

Ryan's Poker Face

Ryan used to go off and play poker for hours with a group of guys back in VA, and I think he’s been missing it in Italy. Fortunately, his poker friends are quite dedicated to the game… and quite resourceful. Behold the Poker a Lunga Distanza Masterpiece:



On the left is a Skype video call – facilitated by a webcam in VA, a webcam in Italy, and Ryan’s headphones & microphone that came with Rosetta Stone. With this view, Ryan could see some of the guys at the table, and his cards. One of our friends, who doesn’t gamble, made a special appearance at the poker game where he graciously agreed to hold Ryan’s cards up to the camera & make his bets.

On the right is the network camera – showing the pot, and the rest of the cards (the flop? the river? I don’t know what they’re called). Notice the arrow buttons on the left side of the image – they actually allowed Ryan to move the camera to change his view. Pretty Sweet!

Here's what Ryan looked like to everyone else

Here's what Ryan looked like to everyone else

I went to bed around midnight, but I’m pretty sure Ryan had a good time – he stayed up until 6:30 am playing poker with his friends. And he was up 20 cents at the end of the night!

Special Thanks to Andy C. for his technology, and JZ for handling Ryan’s cards & chips.

Oh, and to all of you for letting me crash the game long enough to say hi & check out the set-up. :)


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  1. Elaine

    Definitely fun to see.

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