Gli Americani, secondo gli Italiani

Americans, according to the Italians

It is clear to the Italians that we are not Italian. They can tell by our clothes, by the way we don’t cut in line, by the way we order our coffee…etc. But both Ryan and I have been told after trying out some Italian,

“Oh, but you don’t sound like Americans.”

Which, I guess is a compliment, since the goal is to sound like an Italian when we’re speaking Italian. At any rate, not satisfied with hypothesizing, we asked:

“What do Americans sound like?”

The answer? We have actually had different people, on completely separate occasions say that Amercians sound like:

“Waaaaa Waaaa Waaa” (like ‘Wawa’ … but longer)

I never really thought we sounded like that, personally.

If you’re interested, our current theory is that because in English we draw our vowel sounds out much longer than they do in Italian. So, when Americans are new to Italian, they tend to do the same thing.


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