Il Parcheggio al’Italiano

Parking – Italian Style

Tonight Ryan parked just like an Italian native would. I was so proud!

As far as we’ve been able to determine, the rule seems to be that you can park anywhere, as long as you don’t block anyone else in. However, the contrapositive corollary is not followed – it’s perfectly acceptable to park such that you are blocking a lane of traffic.

(For the logical sticklers, it’s not technically the contrapositive. But I think contrapositive is a really fun word, and a very interesting logical construct. See Wikipedia.)

Anyway, so tonight, Ryan parked sort of parallel to the curb, with the rear end of the car sticking out into the road, such that it was blocking the rear end of another car against the curb. It’s sort of like what you would expect to happen if someone didn’t know how to parallel park, pulled in nose first, realized their car was 30% longer than the parking space, and just gave up and left the car parked diagonally.

Now, it’s important to note – Ryan is an excellent parallel parker in the United States. In the US, he follows all the rules. But in Italy, you have to understand that the rules are different. What Ryan did followed all the rules, and if he hadn’t done it, we’d probably still be driving around looking for a parking space. :)

In other news:

My mom sent this to me months ago, but it is becoming funnier and funnier the longer I live here. Enjoy.

Italians vs. Europeans


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  1. Elaine

    Fun to watch.

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