Le Cene Italiane

Italian dinners

A bunch of us went out for dinner the other night at “L’Isola della Pizza” (www.isoladellapizza.com) – a restaurant over by the Vatican that was a favorite of some people who worked in our office a few years ago. As soon as we sat down, they brought bread. Which was pretty exciting – because I was hungry, and service is never that good. Then they brought focaccia with rosemary and olive oil. Then marinated eggplant, yellow mushroom salad, fancy coleslaw, mozzarella di bufala, prosciutto, sauteed zuchini … Then they asked us what food we wanted to order. Actually, they just asked if we wanted meat, pasta or pizza – with a table of 8 people, we had a vote for each. So we got some pasta with a Roman cheese, oil and pepper sauce, there was a pizza margherita, and an unbelievable mountain of meat. And the meat was amazing. There was a 2.5 inch thick steak, cooked rare. Lots of amazing Italian sausage, various pork loins, some kind of beef on a stick, and roasted potatoes. It was pretty darn amazing. And we were very full. and then they brought dessert. Which I would have passed on, but there were berries involved. And I am am absolutely incapable of passing on a dessert that involves berries. Especially when it’s berries, and cream, and berry sauce, and mille foglie. And then there were more berries with the italian version of lemon slurpee. (Trust me, it’s delicious. Also, it might be that there’s limoncello in it)

Then we walked by the Vatican at night – it was the first time I had seen it all lit up. It was pretty gorgeous.

Vatican at Night - taken with my phone

Vatican at Night - taken with my phone

Quote of the day:

“These big Italian dinners really help me understand Italian breakfasts.” – a visitor to Rome

(Italian breakfast is generally a coffee and a croissant)

Update Note:

For those of you who noticed, yes, I corrected the title. Turns out “Cena” is feminine – doh. All  I can say is that at least I noticed it myself. :)



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3 responses to “Le Cene Italiane

  1. Pat

    Everything sounds squisito!!! Might as well try to learn a few words :) Question is, how do you pronounce it Kate? skee-see-toe???

  2. Elaine

    Sounds like a restaurant we’d enjoy visiting! ..seeing the Vatican at night – Awesome.

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