Una Sera Americana

An American Evening

It’s all relative. Tonight was really exciting for us because we managed to get more than one thing accomplished in one day. I bought a book I’d been wanting, some furniture we needed, olive oil, and a power strip. All in one day! It was amazing. And highly unusual for Italy.



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3 responses to “Una Sera Americana

  1. Pat

    Was the olive oil a good price compared to the good ole USA?

    • kateandryan

      Perhaps not, b/c we bought it in a touristy part of a small Italian town. We were in Lucca – which is known for its olive oil. Supposedly it’s a little ‘stronger’ and a little more olivey. Ryan likes all things strong and olivey, so we figured it was worth a try.

      We’re finding, in general, that there is some olive oil meant for cooking with, and some meant for savoring. The bottle we bought today was expensive, and hence it falls into the ‘savoring’ category. :)

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