Ryan = Meraviglioso!

Ryan = Wonderful!

I was away this weekend, in Bucharest with my best girlfriend from college. (Hi Lisa!) And while I was gone, Ryan worked on making our house a home. I was panicking about not having enough space for my clothes, and he unpacked a ton of boxes, and organized a bunch of my stuff.

Ryan’s awesome.

Also, tonight, on the way home from trivia (where I won a booby prize for getting the lowest score in the ‘Champions’ round) he wanted to practice some of the Italian vocabulary he has been learning. I have so much fun practicing Italian with him. I think he was having fun too, until I started using his ‘members of the family’ vocabulary to ask him how many kids he wanted. ;-)

I’ll be catching up on some posting this week – (if I write it here, it shall be so!)



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2 responses to “Ryan = Meraviglioso!

  1. Pat

    That’s my son:)

  2. dave, dad

    sounds like he was raised well !!!!


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